Paul’s Pricing Dictionary: Inter-Regional Delta

P 38x38 Inter-Regional Price Delta, n

A pricing metric used by successful global businesses for pricing efficiency, effectiveness and grey marketing mitigation. For those of you who would like to be global and successful but don’t know what an inter-regional delta is, or why it is significant, or more simply, are wondering why you are not achieving your business objectives, call 281-782-9821.


Paul’s Pricing Dictionary: Gray Marketing

P 38x38 Gray Marketing, adj+n

Usually blamed on others when the reality is when your products are gray marketed it is entirely your fault for not remedying it, monitoring it, but mainly for allowing the opportunity for it to exist in the first place.


Paul’s Pricing Dictionary: Transfarency

P 38x38 TransfarencySM, adj,

  1. ” Philosophy created by Southwest Airlines® in which Customers are treated honestly and fairly, and low fares actually stay low – no unexpected bag fees, change fees, or hidden fees. Created and practiced exclusively by Southwest Airlines.

Low fares. Nothing to hide.”

A lot to like in this. Nope, a lot to love in this. Value and pricing transaction experience are central to Southwest’s value prop which also stakes out a pricing leadership position as the “pricing good guy” in the US airline industry. Not hard arguably but someone had to do it. The value prop is clearly translated into the marcom message. And while a whole lot of teenage scribblers get excited over the antics of Ryan Air and other startups – yes Julie, I know you flew to Pisa for £5 from a cabbage field in Essex but this will end in tears, your children in Salonika and your baggage in Vilnius – Southwest have just kept it nice and simple and honest.

Can your business say the same? And if you’re not the pricing good guy in your industry, where on the “pricing good guy/bad guy spectrum” are you?


Paul’s Pricing Dictionary: Red Life Jackets

P 38x38 Red Life Jackets, adj+n,

Never complain about the color of a life jacket. Particularly red ones. Believe me, there is no such thing as “the wrong color” when it comes to life jackets. Particularly when you’re drowning. But there again you don’t have to believe me.

For life jackets of all sorts of nice bright colors – including red ones – and equally essential and illuminating pricing diagnostics: call 281-872-9821 or visit

For pricing on perpetual leases for harps and other angelic instruments, call just about any other number.

Paul’s Pricing Dictionary: Bad Selling

P 38x38 Bad Selling, adj.+gen.

Bad Selling somehow never appears as an option in Bid-Loss analysis … but if there ever was a Bid-Win analysis … Good Selling would somehow get 100% of the credit. Of this I feel sure.

Only 4% of execs got a simple pricing question correct: 92% weren’t even close. So what can you do about it?

SKP - Price Underestimation 1280x720

  1. Don’t Panic. See how pricing advice – even if it is lifted from HHGTTG – is working already and feels pretty good.
  2. Realize that you don’t need to know all the answers. You just need a pricing expert who does.
  3. Don’t have a pricing expert? Call one ….

Paul’s Pricing Dictionary: Pricing

P 38x38 Pricing, n, v.t., 1) sales definition: discounting, 2) product group definition: list pricing. Can’t see any room for ambiguity or confusion here. None whatsoever. Can you?

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