How do we achieve that magical pricing effect?

Magical Pricing Effect

Here are some examples of effective pricing levers:

  • Respond quicker to the competition through more sensitive competitive monitoring and reduced list price response time from “weeks to days
  • Bring gaming considerations into decision-making
  • Make more rapid pricing decisions
  • Make sure pricing is “in strategy” on all product lines and in all countries
  • Change pricing roles and responsibilities
  • Re-institute price planning as a disciplined core business process integrated with other functions
  • Introduce new pricing concepts and pricing metrics
  • Correct competitive analysis on multiple segments including tied services
  • Fix currency exchange-rate management process
  • Introduce channel pricing framework

It is knowing exactly what needs to done, how to do it cost effectively, and still hit your targets …

…. That’s what’s magical about it.

How do we create pricing magic?

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