What’s different about us?

What’s our philosophy?

Our ability to generate meaningful insights into your pricing issues and
Our way of implementing improvements in your pricing capabilities is unique

Our Beliefs:

  • We don’t assume anything
    • We’re skeptical, a little bit paranoid
  • We make the analysis only as complicated as it needs to be, but as simple as it can be
  • We don’t churn huge chunks of big data because everyone else is, but we will if we have to
  • We prefer increased frequency of insightful reporting and actionable recommendations
  • We like to standardize as much as possible … so we have as much bandwidth as possible to deal with the unexpected
  • We don’t assume that all apparent pricing problems require pricing solutions
  • We know what we know, and we’ll tell you when we don’t
  • We will take multiple perspectives of pricing: customer, procurement, channel, regional sales, global, exchange-rate savvy, gray marketing-sensitive….

What we think of change:

  • We implement bite-size, digestible, impactful incremental changes
  • We like to leverage existing assets as much as possible
  • We’re averse to large IT projects, but not afraid to say when they are required
  • We’re not tied to any specific software
  • We right-size tool development
  • We like solutions to be global, cross-business unit, multi-channel and scalable
  • We recommend changes in policies, accounting and master data structures when it can improve pricing performance
  • We leverage client resources as much as possible: this reduces risk, generates more insights, trains employees on the go, gets early buy-in …

How can we do business together?

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