What’s the deliverable?

The Pricing Roadmap Process

A Pricing Solution Roadmap: design and construction of improvements in your pricing capabilities:
It will be in phased-in, bite-size, digestible, impactful incremental changes with implementation optimized around ability to build, capacity to absorb change, and business priorities.

It will include:

  • Pricing strategy framework:
    • Pricing strategy, price positioning, pricing tactics, pricing metrics, etc.
  • Standards across the organization:
    • Methodologies, monitoring, analytics, insight-generation & decision-making
    • Processes and service levels
    • Communication, Staffing and training
    • Identifies and transfers best practices
  • Closed-loop processes:
    • Within pricing
    • Integrating with other functions
    • Between pricing strategy & sales compensation
    • And list pricing and sales discounting
  • Establish governance structure:
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Processes to change the strategy and processes, controls, documentation & records retention

Also includes:

  • Policy and accounting changes
  • Changes in master data structure

Roadmap broken out by business dimension:

  • Global/regional
  • Multi-line of business/single line-of business
  • Solution component/Total solution

What do you gain with effective pricing?

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