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The Pricing Factory® helps clients achieve their business goals by making their pricing efficient and effective:
• We conduct pricing diagnostics to identify your current pricing issues and design solutions to help you improve your pricing decision-making and capabilities;
• We develop your End-to-End Pricing where every component is integrated, aligned and optimized;
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• We help you get from where you are today to where you need to be with pricing solution roadmaps.


“Do List Prices Matter?” has now been published by the Professional Pricing Society – April 2017

• "Do List Prices Matter?" How many times have you heard that? It's a rhetorical question which is making an oblique statement: "I don't think list prices matter" and much more besides.

• This article will explain why list prices do matter, and provide insight into some of the reasons why people ask this question in the first place.

• This is the third article of Paul's that the Professional Pricing Society has published.

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“10 Steps to Create End-to-End Pricing” has been published by the PPS

• The purpose of this article is to help pricing professionals explain to non-pricing executives and managers not only what “end-to-end pricing” is in a simplified, integrated 10-step program, but also articulate and visualize what pricing professionals create.

• This is the second article of Paul's that the Professional Pricing Society has published.

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“Effective Pricing” case study has been published by the PPS

• This article shows – using HPE and Dell’s X86 server businesses as an example - how pricing can be used to achieve a strategic objective. Dell’s more effective pricing drove increases in X86 server revenue market-share by delivering nine consecutive quarters of superior revenue growth to HP, their #1 competitor and the market-leader. Was pricing the driving force behind this? HP in its quarterly analysts’ briefings said that it was.

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