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Do you think that you might have a pricing problem?
– We can determine if you really do have a pricing problem with our pricing diagnostic. And if it turns out that you do have a problem, we will be able to tell you exactly what it is …. and how to fix it.
Does your pricing help you meet your business objectives?
–If it doesn’t, it should. We can help make sure that it does.
Do you think that your competitors are better at pricing than you are?
–We can analyze your competitiors’ behavior to see if they are pricing more effectively than you are. We can also help determine what steps you need to take to remedy this.
Do you have dedicated pricing professionals?  Or pricing part-timers? Or pricing hobbyists?
–How you’re organized will affect the effectiveness of your pricing. We can help you organize yourself to create more effective & efficient pricing.
Do you meet your business objectives predictably and consistently?
–If you don’t, then pricing may be your problem. Pricing should help you achieve your business objectives more predictably and more consistently and thereby reduce your risk.
Does something not quite stack up? Do you think that you’re missing something that you can’t quite put your finger on?
–Our pricing diagnostic would be looking at your pricing from multiple perspectives.
Do you think that you’re “leaving money on the table”?
– It may not be such a bad thing. Now, you may be leaving too much money on the table which would not be good. But if you don’t leave some money on the table then you’re probably not growing your business quickly enough.

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