Paul’s Pricing Puzzle Part 3: Can You Guess When This Business Had Its Pricing Mojo?

No? Not surprising really because it’s never had its pricing mojo. Bit of a trick question there. But do you see how the revenue . just .. slowly … trails …. off ….. like ….. a ……

Sorry! Dozed off there completely. But this is what your revenue will look like if you do not pay attention to pricing!

I think they always knew they had a problem but they just didn’t want to admit that their replacement of the company’s core product was technologically obsolete by the time it was launched. This was exacerbated by senior execs – I’m using the term “senior” very loosely at this point – longing for the old days of “proper computing”. Whatever that was. I think the last time we had “proper computing” was when there was a British Empire, Morris Minors, 8″ floppies, before The Cuckoo’s Egg, that sort of thing.

But out of all the problems they had, I bet they never once considered that part of their problem was that their pricing strategy was continually undermining the business. It wasn’t just the obsolete technology, the lack of backward compatibility, the disintegration of their application ecosystem, their failure to modernize their GTM mechanism, the collapse of their support model due to using much more reliable components, virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure, the cloud, the rise of OEMs … It was also pricing. All the time, it was pricing.

If you’ve never got your pricing mojo working, if you’ve never experienced the thrill of crushing the competition because your pricing is just so on top of it …. then get a real expert in. Someone who actually knows what they are doing.

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Paul’s Pricing Puzzle Part 2: Can You Guess When This Business Implemented an Enterprise-wide Revenue Management, Profitability & Pricing System?

No? Not surprising really because neither can they. “System” is one word for it; “tool” is another.

Don’t waste your time and money implementing a pricing system without knowing what you’re really doing.

Get a real expert in. Someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Do you want to see what their competition was doing? Sure you do …

Just make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Better Call Paul 281-782-9821 Ask for a conflict check sooner than, well, before you end up like Competitor #1.

Paul’s Pricing Puzzle: Can You Guess When This Business Lost Its Pricing Mojo?

Can you see when this business lost its pricing mojo? [Go on. Click on it. It won’t bite]

Good for you! Then you’re one up one them. They can’t.

Beyond that, can you see why it lost its pricing mojo? Probably not from this information alone. So when it comes to asking what exactly did they lose by losing their pricing mojo, the short, sharp snappy answer would be that they lost 13.5%% of market-share which at $112M per point of market-share adds to up to $1.5Bn/year of lost gross margin per year. Now that’s very careless I think you would agree.

Now, if you want to get your pricing mojo back, call a real pricing expert. Not one of those famous big name consultants, but someone who will actually find out what your problems are, fix them quickly, and get your pricing mojo back.

Better Call Paul 281-782-9821 (before someone else does).

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