CRAPIDO® – a more shiny, polished and digestible Responsibility Assignment Matrix.

CRAPIDO® is a superior Responsibility Assignment Matrix to help you manage your businesses processes more efficiently and effectively. It has more roles, and specifically more useful roles than other RAMS such as RACI and RAPID®, and, as such, it can form a key component of your Business Process Documentation. Here’s a mock-up of what the end result from using CRAPIDO® could look like:

CRAPIDO® is a more complete, practical and usable Responsibility Assignment Matrix than any other that has been published so far. Well, I would say that wouldn’t I? It’s easy to use and for some reason, a lot more fun to use than the other RAMs. But what else makes it better?

CRAPIDO® makes your RAM more digestible ….

There’s some other subtle stuff that you can do with your RAM:

  1. Don’t use primary colors: use a less alarming, more soothing, tonal palette. Remember, the more your execs get paid, the more easily spooked they are by bright, shiny and quite frankly shouty colors.
  2. Make sure the text in your column headers is horizontal. Don’t use vertically rotated text just to squeeze lots of columns in. There are reasons why our eyes are side-by-side.
  3. Use an “interesting” font but nothing too wacky. Remember that the ability of an executive to absorb information in an unfamiliar font is inversely proportional their job level in the organization.

I could give you an example of bad practice here but frankly I’m not going to visually pollute this post with some of the stuff I’ve had to endure in the past. But you have to imagine, column headers with vertically rotated text in primary colors and, yes, Arial font. But there again, if you want to disguise your content and/or try and dissuade anyone from even reviewing your content even if they want to, that’s an excellent way to do it.

Using a consistent taxonomy for your Process Attributes will make your life easier.

Here are some examples of Process Attributes that you could be using – or some variant of this – to consistently define the dimensions of your processes.

  • Hint: one way to leverage this is to create a global process with a minimal number of variants.
  • Wink: Pick your best-selling product, your best-selling upgrade, and your best-selling service as three product standards, with (again) the minimum numbers of variants for everything else.
  • Nudge: use the taxonomy to re-cycle Process Attributes and save yourself from having to reinvent parameters for your each of your processes from scratch.

So what will CRAPIDO® not help you avoid?

  1. It will not help you avoid is taking the initiative and putting the effort into to documenting your processes. CRAPIDO® will make it easier, but at the end of the day it will require some initiative and effort on your part.
  2. You will need to keep your processes up-to-date particularly to reflect organizational changes and major product launches. Include process updates as a standard part of your strategy & policy updating process. If you like, have a process for updating processes ….. keep on top of it. You’ll surprise yourself – and Internal Audit – when you do.
  3. The next problem is simply missing or overlooking a process which delivers a key competitive advantage. Can you imagine that you’re not doing something which could deliver a key competitive advantage? No? Have you ever asked yourself the question? Is the competition doing something that you’re not? You should. You really, really should.
  4. Once you’ve done this, don’t stop. There is more to do, much more, specifically ensuring that all your processes are complete, integrated, synchronized and then optimized. Well let’s ask the question. Are all your processes complete? Fully integrated? Synchronized? And optimized? Of course not. Check out my End-to-End-Pricing paper published by the Professional Pricing Society.

Finally, and most importantly, for some unknown reason, CRAPIDO® makes assigning roles & responsibilities somehow more digestible, less painful and more fun than it would be otherwise. Now, can you say that about any other Responsibility Assignment Matrix!?! I thought not. CRAPIDO® – for the Crap You Do!

You’re welcome.


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