Pricing Strategy as a Wrapper for End-to-End Pricing: Step 10

Step 10 – Pricing Strategy

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The documented Pricing Strategy can then be used to tie all the key elements together.

It should define the process for updating and changing all the elements of the end-to-end pricing process, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Values and guiding principles
  • High level objectives of list pricing & and discounting
  • Complete set of pricing metrics (not just LPPS)
  • Documented approach designing the discounting policy, programs and handling escalations
  • A description of how list pricing & discounting fits into selling process
  • How value is delivered to, consumed and sensed by customers …..
  • Etc

So this is end-to-end pricing

End-to-End Pricing 265x275 ©

Like the sculptor or bridge designer, the pricer should have an idea (thesis) what the final outcome should look like before he/she starts.

And that view will constantly evolve as more knowledge is obtained going through the ten steps …. the design assumptions are modified, the analysis re-computed, the outcomes compared to objectives, deltas analyzed, design assumptions modified etc ….. to get closer and closer to the optimal solution. A typical design process.

Anyhow, for your enjoyment, a simplified representation of End-to-End Pricing.

Extract from “10 Steps to Creating End-to-End Pricing” in April 2016 edition of The Pricing Advisor, authored by Paul Charlton of The Pricing Factory®.

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