Welcome to Tony Santucci!

I am pleased to be able to announce that Tony Santucci has joined The Pricing Factory, LLC. Tony has many years of experience managing product pricing, product planning and commodity supply chain at a wide variety of enterprises such as GE, Coopers Industries, Compaq & HP. At Compaq & HP, Tony managed global pricing for ProLiant rack and blade servers, developing product pricing strategies, creating and updating competitive analysis and formulating price proposals. He also has experience as a segment product planner managing product life cycle volumes, price, revenue, margins, product mix and market-share. Previously Tony spent many years at Cooper Industries and GE leading multi-functional teams identifying risks and developing business-specific tactical and strategic risk management programs to meet business objectives and protect operating margins. He analyzed market data to create short and long-term commodity forecasts and managed commodity hedge programs.

Tony’s ability to generate unique and meaningful insights will be an incredible asset for us. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance & accounting from Pace University, Pleasantville, NY.

Welcome Tony!

The Pricing Magnifier

A magnifying glass hovering over the word SearchPricing. It’s not just about coming up with a pricing strategy or a price point. Or even attaching price stickers to products on store shelves as one of my neighbors once thought. Pricing can be an incredible lens through which you can scrutinize your entire business. You need to make sure that your pricing analysis takes a holistic view of the business. That you look at the whole business, beyond the narrow confines of what is purely pricing. This is particularly necessary when pricing isn’t the cause of your pricing problem, it’s only a symptom. A holistic approach will not only help avoid taking expensive, unnecessary and ultimately unsuccessful pricing actions, but will also help identify root causes to problems which may have otherwise remained undetected without the scrutiny of that pricing lens.

In these situations your pricing analyst should find out what the cause of the problem is, and work with their non-pricing colleagues who really own the problem, to come up with a joint solution. Executives like to know that someone is proactively uncovering problems. But what’s even better is when they are presented with not only the problem, but also the solution. And the team that created/owned the problem? They are now part of the solution so it becomes a win-win for everyone.

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